Pool Filtration Media

  • Lasts 2-3x longer than sand
  • Counteracts algae buildup and is non-porous
  • Lower density than sand, meaning less is more–25% less volume needed.
  • Attracts metals in your water such as iron and magnesium
  • Filters down to 2-5 microns, removing 70% of bacteria and contaminants

So whether you are a homeowner with a pool or an operator of a commercial pool; when you are considering what to use for pool filtration, consider the full benefit of the materials, vs. just using the same thing you’ve always used.

Clean Bite Glass (Coarse) is an excellent pool filtration media alternative to sand and other filter media on the market.

When you are considering what to use in your pool filter, you have a number of factors to weigh. The longevity, purity, efficacy are obvious ones but, is it eco-friendly? Knowing the best solution can be hard to figure out.

5 Ways Clean Bite Glass out-performs other Pool Filtration Media

Allow us to walk you through the ways Clean Bite Glass is the superior solution for your swimming pool:

  1. SUSTAINABLE: Clean Bite Glass is made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, which has been crushed down to the consistency of sand.
  2. EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT: The irregular shape of the Clean Bite granules lock together better and sit closer, with more surface area than sand. This prevents channeling inside the filter, washing out or spinning around, thereby capturing more debris. With the ability to filter down to 2-5 microns, Clean Bite Glass can capture things like skin cells, blood, hair, and 70% of bacteria.
  3. LONGEVITY: Because glass is non-porous, it is less prone to become gunky and requires replacement far less often.
  4. PURIFYING: Another attribute that makes glass unique in your pool filter is its inherent slight negative charge, which also enables it to capture metals in the water like iron and magnesium.
  5. CLARITY: Glass is a cleaner product overall than sand for your filter. It is not mined and therefore has far less dust and residue and has a longer life in your filter than other media. You can feel better about the quality of the crystal clear water of your pool using glass because not only is this 100% recycled, but it doesn’t contain anything hazardous such as crystalline silica like some sands, and disposal requires no special consideration.